Loose Bulk

Loose bulk is available to our customer in purpose built vehicles for blown deliveries . All drivers are fully trained in the technique for blown deliveries and ensure an excellent service at all times.

15kgs Bags

All 15kgs bags have 65 bags per pallet. We supply 6mm A1 grade wood pellets from our ENPlus accredited producer.

The guaranteed availability of stock along with fast delivery and ENPlus pellets makes Carlisle Wood Pellets the first choice for your renewable heating.

The RHI was launched in 2104 for domestic customers and under this scheme a cash tariff of 12.2 per kilowatt hour (kwh) is paid quarterly for up to seven years to users of biomass boilers to generate domestic heat.  The following link will give more details on the RHI application process:

Contact Us

For all domestic enquiries please contact:

Corrine McGrillen: 028 9756 6187

Danny Magee:      028  97561122


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